Thursday, June 16, 2011

June update!

Whew! We Crop Mob organizers have been busy so far this season. Since we last updated the blog, we've had two mobs:

This farm in Cayutaville is a unique twist on the CSA "Community Supported Agriculture" concept. It's a 100% working member CSA, in which all of the members who receive food from the farm work on the farm in order to pay for their share. They call it an "agriculture supported community." The Crop Mob put up fencing, planted potatoes and _ with the members.

At Sapsquatch is a sugarbush in Enfield, we learned a bit about maple sugaring's rich history as a pillar of American independence in pioneer days and talked about climate change's effect on sugaring while bringing in wood for next year. Sapsquatch's syrup is sold exclusively by word of mouth and is also traded for volunteer labor during the season.

We also had the pleasure of being featured in a video by Jim Bosjolie who attended the Kestrel Perch Berry Farm mob. You can check that out here.

We're gearing up for our June crop mob on Saturday, June 26th at Red Tail Farm, a diverse farm with vegetables, bees, chickens and berries. We will be renovating a blueberry patch. Come join us! Send an email to to get in on the blueberry action!